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December 29, 2012


There is always this reaction and yet no reflection on the actions by US citizens. Not just the deaths, but the cases of abuse as well that aren't spoken of. Missing post adoption reports, not informing Russia of concern in a timely matter. It never is one sided. Dissolutions and rehoming through adoption groups appear to be on the rise, and not documented, if not surrendered to the state. No one wants to talk about any of it - yet the need for real supports after adoption are so needed - and a better process pre-adoption to make sure people are prepared and have the right skills. I don't know but it makes me sad.

I do think that the percentage should be 0.03% - but math is not my strong point.

Off to read the news report. Thanks for getting back into blogging again - a long time lurker.

TAO is correct, 19/60,000 is .03% (3% would be 1800 deaths). This is less than the US child (under 5) mortality rate of .8% in 2010. I don't want to minimize the deaths of those 19 children, some of who died in terrible circumstances, but the death rate of these children is low in comparison to the general US child population (including those who died from abuse and neglect).

I see Russia's choices as more political than anything - they want to upset those with big voices.

Excellent! Too bad this is not in the NYT or Huffington Post!!

(You might want to google "Russian adoption murder" and get a link to at least 16 of the 19.)

Hi Melissa (and Tao),

I calculated 19/60,000 as 0.032% and 1,560/74,100,000 (from Table 1 at as 0.002%.

Thank you for pointing out the error.

I've said this elsewhere as well, but to me, the way this went down is just a continuation of the well-established commodification paradigm. My issue with the ban is not the ban itself, but that concerns about human rights violations of Russian children sent to the U.S. for adoption were insufficient for taking action on those grounds alone.

"Where is the outrage and concern for children's safety and well-being in other parts of the world? Or do we only care for them if they're considered "adoptable" and available to Americans?"

My sentiments exactly...

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