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September 27, 2009


Hmm... squat toilets. I remember feeling a split second of shock, and then I was like "Oh yeah. This is the way things are done here. Well... here goes."

Squat toilets - however uncomfortable they are (I can't imagine handling an upset stomach over them, though) - are cleaner than Western toilets. ;P

Hmmm... it was weird reading the thing about squat toilets, making it seem as though it is a "developing country" thing. Super-advanced Japan has many, many squat toilets, not so much in homes anymore, but in many public places. Many of the older generation prefer them, and I think it's because you don't have to sit on a toilet seat where (possibly) hundreds of strangers have sat since it was last cleaned. And this is in a superclean country - the Western toilets in the U.S. are probably even dirtier. I still prefer the Western toilets, because culturally I have been conditioned not to think about the many strangers who sat there before me. Purely a cultural preference, in my opinion, and not a good place to start saying that one country is better than another...

Trying not to derail here but technically speaking toilet seats are cleaner than the bathroom sinks, door handles and even your cell phone. Very easy to google if you think I am crazy :) But if you find something to say otherwise, I am always open.

Now back to the original discussion, which I can't lend much too. My daughter is 4 and I plan on a trip back when she is about 12. I want her to also go back as an adult too but not so much to be "welcomed" back but to just live and travel.

Chinese hospitality, ugh. I've become highly cynical since my early days as a new mom. The article doesn't mention the new fee structure that has been put in place for returning orphans visiting their orphanage....or the fact that somehow the Chinese officials keep track of former Chinese children who travel in the country even if they are not on homeland tours.

I don't know who to be more aggravated with, the Chinese or the adoption agencies here in NA that have been in collusion with them.

"China is still a foreign country"

I can't believe I just read that. I need smelling salts.

This article was completely from one mom's perspective...where were the kids quotes. I guarantee you if I took my 5-year-old back today she would have a VERY strong opinion and would openly share it with me.
There toilet quote - just disturbing...did the parent not talk to her daughter about what things were like where she grew up?
I won't even mention the fact that there was not even an indication given that corruption in the system could be one reason there are fewer children available now than 5 years ago.

Jae Ran- Just letting you know that I linked to this post, as I have a few personal thoughts regarding it, as well as my thoughts on the Tedaldi case.

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